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The River Church
Channelview, TX

This was a fun project for our team. The initial restoration was in the kid's building due to a roof collapse when bad weather unexpectedly blew through in good'ole Texas fashion. We completely remodeled the inside of the building with all new sheetrock, ceilings, floors, kitchen, bathrooms etc... One special feature we incorporated was an epoxy resin stage that had a water/river like appearance to go with the River Rapids Kids theme along with epoxy countertops on the tech/media desk and kitchen countertops. The entryway was also upgraded with split-faced stone for a welcoming appearance. The River called us back to renovate the main church bathrooms and Cornerstone Remodeling was also able to bless the church with a new makeover for their nursery. We are proud of the work our team has done here at The River!

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